Pappa. Creative Time Summit Stockholm 2014, Moderna Museets Restaurang. 2014


Bonjour Tristesse. Remake-remix of performance from 2009. Fullersta GŒrd. 2013


A Historical Journey Ršhsska Museet, Gšteborg 2013.


Mordet pŒ Saraludens Open Lab, Gšteborg Dans och Teater Festival 2013.


The Wittgenstein Suite Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City 2013.


ÁVIVA SARALUNDEN! MDT, Stockholm 2012.

Using objects like a head, a volcano a finger and a cigaret that were letting out smoke, three changes of clothes behind a screen and the following guests; Elis Larsson, Kyrre BjšrkŒs, MŒrten Holmberg, Pontus Langendorf, Steven Cuzner and Tobias Bernstrup. Architect/setdesigner Astrid Stenberg LinnŽr did the lights.


Requiem Mass for a Cigaret No4 MDT, Stockholm 2012.

The fourth version was performed together with the vibraphonist Pontus Langendorf.


The Wittgenstein Suite Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm 2012.

A collaboration with JosŽ Le—n Cerrillo. Using texts from the book Bemerkungen Ÿber die Farben by Ludwig Wittgenstein. 30 minutes.


Requiem pour une cigarette No2 FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims 2011.

Two 4,5m long cigarettes, a player piano and a counting song in French, counting, from 1 to 84, the lovers that smoked cigarettes. 40minutes.


DšdsmŠssa fšr en cigarett Bastard, Stockholm 2011.

A 2,5m long smoking cigarette, a black on black piano, and a counting song in French, counting, from 1 to 83, the lovers that smoked cigarettes. 40minutes.


PlatoÕs Cave, SchindlerÕs Window LAND, Los Angeles 2010.

Collaboration with JosŽ Le—n Cerrillo. 15minutes


Minulla on sunnaton nŠlkŠ sinun suudelmasta TUPP, Uppsala 2010.

A duet with a player piano. 30minutes


Saralunden en Hotel Eden Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City 2009

Behind a screen surrounded by the sophisticated objects of Hotel Eden, looking like a model of a futuristic dream, a series

of songs with lyrics from Ludwig WittgensteinÕs Remarks on Colour are performed. Collaboration with JosŽ Le—n Cerrillo. 20minutes


FrŸhstŸck im GrŸnen Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2009

A six meter long ladder leaning towards a tree and a woman dressed in black old-fashioned underwear styled clothing,

climbing the ladder singing five songs on an erotic theme in German. 16minutes


Vielen Dank Berlin 2009.

Collaboration with Rasmus West at KŸnstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin. 5minutes


How to Indentify and Break a Spell Made Festival, UmeΠ2009

A woman dressed in a religious clothing style drags out a piano from the Opera House and sings a song about

someoneÕs spell holding her down. 20minutes


Bonjour Tristesse Verkligheten, UmeΠ2009.

A woman dressed in a black jumpsuit, a polar bear rug with straps, and a soundtrack in French. 20minutes


Ich Mšchte Normal Sein The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin 2008. The Forgotten Bar Project, ALP/Peter Bergman 2009.

A red table harp, a woman dressed in a revealing dress and a song in German. 5minutes


One Hour Sad Songs from the Mouth of a Self-Made Woman Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa 2008.

One contact microphone for the throat and one for the guitar. And a jump suit pimped with various fringes and pearls in the colour red, yellow and green. 60minutes


Saralunden–Retrospective Grey Room Giljotin, Stockholm 2008.

A retrospective displaying costumes, sketches, drawings, photos and documentations from performances made during the last ten years.


The Leading Force Big Time Pastor, BlŒ, Oslo 2007.

Inspired by the huge golden eagle throne used by Bokassa when crowning himself in 1977. 15minutes


The Human Mke Stand Sparwasser, Berlin and Lilith Performance Studio, Malmš 2007.

I simply use a goodlooking man as a microphone stand. 15minutes


Drei Lieder fŸr ein Gehirn Lilith Performance Studio, Malmš 2007.

A huge brain in wet clay, and three songs in German. 25minutes


The Blood Kulturhuset, Stockholm 2006.

A cleaned PET bottle filled with blood connected to a hand pump with a transparent plastic tub that leads to my heart. It starts bleeding as IÕm singing. 7minutes


Sven Goran Eriksson vs Phil Spector or Songs of the Freak Liste, Basel 2006.

A sing back piece for a used sports car, a sound system a luxurious woman and a man dressed as a bodyguard. Collaboration with Hampus Johannesson. 3days


Das Fleck Dot Dot Dot Dot, MossutstŠllningar. Stockholm 2006.

A piece for a woman singing in german, dressed in a huge black dot. 7minutes


If Anyone Tried Hard Enough Nordic Excellence, Kilen, Kulturhuset Stockholm 2004.

A sing back piece for a woman dressed in a training suite.


There Was a Time When Everything Was Alright Nordic Excellence. Ršda Sten, Gšteborg 2004.

A sing back piece for a woman, dressed in a sun-dress, a racing boat and a pier.


Great Space Teater Replica, Stockholm and Atalante Gšteborg 2004.

Piece for two women, a lawn and a piano. Collaboration with Malin Hellkvist SellŽn.


Into Your Head SOC. Stockholm 2003

A piece for a huge van, a woman and nine male guitarists in guerrilla styled clothing.


I Took Hormones to Become a Man Perfect Performance. Kulturhuset Stockholm 2003.

A three hour performance where all saralunden songs written at the time were sung, one after the other.


Finalen Galleri Mejan. Stockholm 2000

A piece for a woman, a Cadillac limousine and a player piano.


Deadly Boring Stockholm Art Fair. Stockholm 2000

A piece for a woman in a haremÕs suit, a manÕs choir and a grand piano. Collaboration with Ida LundŽn.


Lonely Hearts in the Crowd Ynglingagatan 1 Stockholm 1999 and Maneten Gšteborg 2000.

A piece for a person in a space suit and two tall friendly guys. Collaboration with Ida LundŽn.


Saralunden- the Famous The Art Brothel. Stockholm 1998

A piece for a woman with huge breasts in an extremely small room.


Den lŠngsta kvinnan (The Tallest Woman). Hšrsalen Konstakademien. Stockholm 1998.

A piece for a very tall woman and a grand piano. Collaboration with Ida LundŽn.


Ist Das Ein Kind? A Grand Day Out. Hide Kulturbrott. Gotland 1997.

A piece for a woman in a swim-suit, a snorkel and a big floating inner-tire.