i m r




The Hole

I Love You




Feeling Good

I Feel You

Je suis seul

Sussilull F ****************

The Truth F ****************

All of Me(Noone) F ****************

The Same Clothes

Full Moon

You DonÕt Want Me

Stop Feeling







I Need to Tell You


I Need You F ****************

The Meaning of Life F ****************

You Is Fierce

Killing Time (in the Bathtub)



Steve M Q(Song for a Sexy Writer)

Marcel D(Song for a Sexy Writer)

Pentti S(Song for a Sexy Writer)

Mishima (Song for a Sexy Writer)


Bad Woman

Hug Me ¤

I look Good ¤

Suggestive Boy ¤

San Angel Inn

X ¤ ************* °

Beobachten ¤ ************* °

Ich Bin Hier *************** ¤ ************* °

Rot ¤ *************

Marsbevohner ¤ ************* °

Gespenst ¤ ************* °



Le dernier souffle ¤ °

Je compte les temps que je tÕai vu ¤ °

Objet fumant ¤ °

Requiem pour une cigarette P ¤ °

43 SRC ¤ ************** °

Final Sad Song

Je suis une pipe

Ice Cold Paranoia ¤ $ °



Dreaming of a Fat Boy / Fat Boy ¤

Minulla on

HerŠsin Suutelimasta Sinua

Holding Hands

SomebodyelseÕs Boyfriend ¤ ¤

China Resurrected in a Boat

Little China Blues ¤ $ °

In the Mad Brain ¤ $ °

Always on the Run

Hollow Brain (The Great Search) ¤ $ °

Voodoo Tripper ¤ $ °

Trespasser ¤ $ °




GefŠrbten Brillen GlŠser (8:II) P *************

Etwas Wei§es (20:I) P *************

Schwach Leuchtend (225:III) P ¤ ° *************

WŠre Es DŠnkbar (84:II) P ° *************

Wie Nun (43:I) P ¤ ° *************

Schwartzen Speigel (44:I) P $ ¤ ° *************

Ich Sagte Nicht (39:I) P ¤ ° *************

Augen Des Genusses P ¤ °

Weichste weich P ¤ °

Your Spell P SRC

Vielen Dank P ¤ °

WŠre Ich ein Mann(Wenn Ich ein Mann Wurde) P ¤ °

Ich Bin Eine Frau P ¤ °

My Favourite Spot SRC

Soft Touch SRC ¤

Touch Me Now $ ¤

Toujours Lˆ-bas F SRC

What Are You Afraid of? SRC



Bonjour Tristesse -> P **********

Waiting for that Call

Killing Me

Tema 5 F

All ThatÕs Left

Feel How It Feels ********

CanÕt Go Back F

Zigenarnas FŠbod F $

Lennart mix

Nytt Tema F

To the Birds F

Tema 333 F

Tema 3 F $

Young BoyÕs Theme

In the Night


Tout Le Temps

Rver Pas

La La La La

Send Someone(Iti Kaka Ko Kaka)

Ich Mšchte Normal Sein P ¤ °

Never Trust My Kind ********

You Ought to Know *********

Herr K

And You Know F



The Last Cigaret / An Insidious Poison ¤

The Leading Force P

Ce Jour!


DevilÕs Hand

Steve McQueen(Le Mans)-> SRC


Gehirns P ¤ °

†berhaupt P ¤ °

In Dieser Stadt P ¤ °

In the Heat of the Night

Love In Your Eyes


Something in Your Eyes

Hold Your Head Up High

Les mains dÕun autre ********

Oh So Blue ¤

The Blood P

Die Sehnsucht

Die Welt

Erotic Dreams F

Rumours Tell P

That Extra Something P ->

Quand je dors je rve -> V

Das Fleck P ¤ °

Ich habe ein Fleck P ¤ °

Sehe das Fleck P ¤ °

Ein Fleck ist mehr P ¤ °

Ein Fleck auf die Erde P ¤ °

Man in Black -> P ¤

Absolutely Nothing ->

Curls Just Like a Doll P ¤

Dream Dreams of Me P ¤

DonÕt You Remember ¤



Slight Feeling of Revenge -> ¤

Come Closer ->

Sexy Dirty Men -> P ¤

IÕm Not Even Crying

One Night -> ¤

Sweet Beat -> ¤

On Top of Me -> ¤

Bitter Song -> ¤

Far from Beyond -> *****

Maraca Man

DonÕt You Remember


Writing Men

I DidnÕt Know

Tears Sweeter Than Wine

Nobel Price

My Goal in Life P

Hard Enough P

I Did Wrong P

IÕm Ok Now P

Why did you do it?

Let Me Love -> P

I Want It/ Never Again P

IÕm Still Here ¤ ******

Birds -> ¤ ******

I Held My Breath ¤

ItÕs So Easy

TŠnk dig ett hus

En jŠttestor men hjŠlplšs man


En flugas liv ->

En morgon i maj

Stackars Ida

Den finska tanten

Ola, Ola, Ola ->

Jag vŒgar inte kissa ->

Mormor grŠvde I ett land

You ¤

It Really Stinks P

What Is

The View P V ¤ ****



Not Right Now

Take Your Chance When You Have It P

Tonight P

Must You Be Around P

Sweet Peoples Love P

No Nights Sleep P

Still ThereÕs Room

Too Much Wine in the Morning ¤

Into Your Head P

There Will Always Be a Lover ¤

This Is a Sin ¤

Proper Date ¤

Great SpaceS P ¤

The Greatest Hustler ¤

Ne vas pas chez elle ¤



My New Skin Way ¤

Famous People

Cold bed ¤

It might be true

The woman in your dreams

This is the story

A Brain I Loved

Yeah, yeah, theyÕre after me now

You Can Come ¤

The Sound It Makes P ¤ *******

Strucking Red Overall P

I Picked You ¤


Naked in My Bed ¤ **

TV-team ¤




On Flames

This Is Not Desire ¤

IÕm Back F °

FarvŠl, adjš F °

Det onda F °

Stoppa Knivarna F °

Hon Šr dšd F °

Romantic Dream

It Shows ¤

Marlon Brando ¤




The Kiss

It Used to Be Love

One Time *

Roses Red

Oh Yes I Am Still in My Sleep

Simple No Fuzz

The Telephone

Another Time for You P

Boys Run P *

Over the Bridge

Too Young For You P


I Wanted You ¤


Deadly Boring F ° ***

Out of Control F  °

When the Lights Were Out F °

Magic F °

Maybe You DonÕt Understand

Wild Dream

I Feel Bad

Surrounded by Men Yet Without Them

Right Where We Were

There You Were

Leg Trick ¤

Turn Me Over to the Devil ¤

Your Heart Shall Always Be in the Mood


Six Months Later

The Most Important Conversations

ItÕs Dark

Those Hands

IÕll Be a Different Woman

Once I Met You ¤

Those Men

Chelsea Inn

If the Last Time Was the Last

Take My Arms

Lonely Hearts in the Crowd ¤

Softer Than Skin ¤

Maybe You Forgot

One Man at a Time

Bright Lights Big City

Fruits In Harlem ¤ F *

Then Everyone Will ¤

Since I Left ¤

The Call ¤

Hands Over My head ¤

ItÕs Over Now ¤



Tell Me You Are Mine P

Remembering Those Days P

You Were Mine P

On the Plane P

The First And the last P

That Morning P


-> = lyrics and chords/text och ackord ¤ = recorded and released/inspelad och utgiven F = film music/filmmusik P = performance SRC = Steven Roy Cuzner on drums $ = soundtrack ° = Saralunden Box Set

The recordings on this page are of various qualities and sounds itÕs mostly tests recordings of new songs.

* Performed by Niklas Korsell(drums), Henry Moore Selder(bass), Ida LundŽn(keyboards) and saralunden.

** Performed by Kyrre BjšrkŒs and saralunden. Recorded by Andreas Mjšs.

*** Performed by a selection of sixteen male singers and saralunden.

**** Stockholm Globe Arena.

***** At AlÕs and TobiÕs place.

****** Recorded at The German Bog, VŠstergštland.

******* As performed at my grandmotherÕs funeral with my sister on the organ, our father and myself on the recorder.

******** One of the versions tested with Steven Cuzner at BarnŠngen.

********* Performed by Steven Cuzner, Toumas Hakkava und Saralunden.

********** This is what killed her.

*********** Produced with Tobias Bernstrup

************ Recorded on a Realistic Minisette-VI cassette tape recorder.

************* Lyrics taken from Remarks on colour by Ludwig Wittgenstein.

************** Performed by The New Age

*************** Performed with Pontus Langedorf

**************** Moms on Fire pricewinning short film by Joanna Rytel 2016.


LIVE at the Millenium Stage Washington DC with Ida LundŽn. 2007